Cloud Adoption

We facilitate smooth adoption of cloud based services and applications.
We are not tied with any cloud vendor or platform and so can provide you with neutral, well researched advice that can jump start your organization's cloud adoption.

We can help you answer these questions -
  • How do we define our Cloud policies ?
  • How can we ensure that our data security and privacy needs are met ?
  • Which cloud platform will best suit our organization's needs?
  • What Cloud Model, Cloud deployment should we adopt ?
  • Why is the Cloud Service costing us more than we planned ?
 What is hindering cloud adoption ?

KPMG Survey: Moving to cloud computing is harder, costlier than originally envisioned (Feb 2013)
Virtualized Data Centers hindering Cloud Adoption (Dec 2012)

>>Top 10 cloud storage providers (the article also analyses the drawback of cloud solutions)

Research Services

With nearly four years of research experience in Cloud Computing, we can help you answer questions beyond the simple ones like where is Cloud Computing heading and what is the latest technology or standards being developed in this area ?
  • Develop prototypes for your future cloud environment
  • Develop policies for Big Data usage on the Cloud
  • Determine your organization's cloud usability profile


Service Level Agreements (SLA)

We have developed a Cloud SLA ontology that can provide you with a starting point for developing  machine readable Service Level Agreements for all the Cloud services . 

We provide consulting services to help you customize the Cloud SLA for your organization or for a particular service domain.
  • A unified SLA will help you apply same policies for all services even if they are purchased from different vendors.
  • Our solution facilitates continuous monitoring of Cloud SLA.
  • Download SLA for a Cloud Storage Service
 Why machine readable Cloud SLAs ?

>> Today's cloud contracts are driving away enterprise adoption : Infoworld, Jan 2013
>> Cloud IaaS SLAs can be meaningless : Gartner, Dec 2012