We have made many of our publications available in the public domain to enable you to better understand our unique policy based approach to managing and using Cloud Applications and Services.

Free Publications

Cloud Data Management Policies: Security and Privacy Checklist    [NEW]
Paper providing a checklist of
essential policies that organizations have to define when using Cloud based services

Integrated Lifecycle of IT Services in a Cloud Environment
Paper detailing the new agile methodology we have developed for procuring and managing Services on the Cloud

A policy-based cloud broker for the VCL platform
  Paper detailing the Broker we have developed for the VCL Cloud that is deployed in many Universities.

Automating Cloud Services Lifecycle through Semantic technologies.
 This publication details the Ontology we have developed for automating cloud lifecycle. This ontology is available in public domain.

Managing the Quality of Virtualized Services
  A framework to manage performance quality of complex services created by combining multiple components.

User-centric Smart Services on the Cloud
  Future of the Cloud Services as envisioned by us.